Why Choose Bet365 Italia for Sports Betting?

Are you in search of a betting place online? Going to the local betting store isn’t a really decision. But how can you make the right choice from the thousands of online bookmakers? Well, in today’s time, Bet365 is one of the renowned online bookmakers. It gets approx. 500,000 bets every week, from over a century of nations.

The best thing about the site is the safety aspect. The bookmaker is secure for all types of bets; but the same cannot be said for the other bookmakers available online. The UK established firm also provides its customers with amazing online betting tips too. Being the 7th largest online betting companies of UK, Bet365 is the perfect bookmaker for you, if you’re interested in Online Sports Betting! The Bet365 Italia is yet another feather in the cap of the company.

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Bet365 Betting Offers

Bet365 is a part of International Betting Adjudication Services organization. The org is renowned to hold the best bookmakers of the globe. Whether you’re seeking to bet on handball, baseball, soccer or volley or even London League, Bet365 is just the solution for you. You also enjoy the luxury of different online betting games like casino and poker.

An amazing benefit of betting here is the types of betting options provided to the customers. Right from away several handicaps to aggregate points of the away team or home team, you get amazing number of betting types as per your need and preference. Another great spec of the site is live betting. It actually provides the bettors live video broadcasting of sports events as a portion of live betting segment.

Customer assistance

You don’t just have to English to speak to the customer agents of Bet365. The customer support is provided to the users in several languages. You can even speak to on phone or just email them or go for live chat with them. When you contact the support team of Bet365, they’ll help you in every way. One can count on the professionalism and courtesy of the agents.

With over 17 different languages and now in Italian too- with the launch of Bet365 Italia, Bet365 offers the best consumer service system in the online sports betting industry.


If you’re looking for some motivation on your sports betting, then you’ll feel more relaxed with the incentives offered at Bet365.

Right from loyalty bonus to first deposit doubling, Bet365 offers everything to entice its bettors. Those who look out for frequent betting, they get good rewards in the form of bonuses. The bonus can be utilized as free betting for the clients. So, if you’re really looking forward to some exciting gambling and sports betting experience in Italy, then Bet365 Italia is just the right place for you!